About Jonathan Irizarry

Hello, my name is Jonathan Irizarry. I don’t really like to give myself labels, but if I had to choose any, I would consider myself a lifestyle coach. I have helped hundreds if not thousands of individuals over a 10+ years span, and I am still doing so today. I am continually learning and honing my craft. I would like to say, that I am ever evolving in the field of nutrition and training and always willing to learn a thing or two, so that I can continue to stay atop my field.
I’ve been featured in multiple magazines and have had the cover of Planet Muscle, August 2015 issue. My specialty has been contest preps for individuals looking to compete on a bodybuilding stage and win, but I am not limited to just that. Over the years I have helped many individuals from all around the world become the greatest version of themselves both mentally and physically. That is my ultimate goal when I work with my clients. What I feel sets me apart from many coaches/nutrition specialists is that I do my best to unlock my clients' potential and make them realize how great and powerful they are in every way possible. I believe this all starts with having proper nutrition so that all other aspects of our lives can continue to improve from there. We all have the potential to change the world in whichever way we see fit and this has been my calling.
Let me help you become your greatest version. 
Below is some of my contest history:
August 2016:
NPC North Americans 2016:
3rd Place Heavyweight
July 2016:
NPC USA’s 2016:
4th Place Super Heavyweight 
November 21, 2015
NPC Nationals 2015: 
3rd place Super heavyweight
November 21, 2013
NPC Nationals 2013: 
6th place Heavyweight 
July 23 2011:
NPC Collegiate Nationals 2011-placing: overall 1st

Jul 17, 2010:
NPC Collegiate Nationals 2010 - Placing: 2

Jul 19, 2009:
NPC Teen Nationals 2009 - Placing: 1

Aug 16, 2008:
NPC Europa Supershow and Expo 2008 - Placing: 1

Jun 21, 2008:
Musclemania Universe - Placing: 1

Apr 19, 2008:
NPC Ronnie Coleman classic 2008 - Placing: 1

Aug 11, 2007:
NPC Europa Supershow and Expo 2007 - Placing: 1